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Transmission / Distribution

  • Up to date safety training
  • Large staff of experienced and highly trained lineman
  • Storm restoration services
  • Large fleet of equipment

Thompson Electric, Inc's highly skilled and competent Linemen have completed a registered US Department of Labor American Line Builder's Apprenticeship Program (ALBAT) and have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge, experience and skill with their many years of experience. Our work is meticulously completed with pride, keeping safety first and foremost in the minds of all of our workers. With the diversity and experience of our crews, we can build new Transmission or Distribution lines, rebuild or re-conductor existing ones, and can provide immediate storm restoration assistance when needed. Completing work safely, on time, and within budget, has resulted in a very high satisfaction rating by all of our customers.

Thompson Electric, Inc. offers advanced technical and safety training for their electrical workers that makes this company a leading provider of electrical services and an exemplary employer.
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW)
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